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Company Introduction

Aluminum Cans, Spray Cans, Aerosol Cans Manufacturer - Sunhome

Shanghai Sunhome (Group) is a dedicated company in the field of aerosol products manufacturing. We are well known aerosol cans manufacturer, supplier of spray cans and aerosol cans. We have expertise of 25 years in aerosol products manufacturing. Our company is located in Shanghai with an overall area of 49,124 square meters. The group company has a total investment of more than RMB 250 millions. We are working on 9 fully automatic production lines for the manufacturing of aerosol aluminum products. The production capacity of overall aerosol products is more than 200 million pieces annually. We provide one stop solution for aerosol products, benefiting customers with low communication and supply chain cost. Our products include:

1) Empty Aerosol Can
2) Aerosol Valves
3) Spray Cans
4) Aluminum Cans
5) Printing
6) Filling
7) Plastic Cap

One of the major problem buyers had in this industry is about the quality of product. To overcome this issue, the company is working on best production lines available since its inception. In December 1995, the company was identified as Shanghai Advanced Technology Enterprise. In November 1998, pressure aerosol containers including aerosol valve had won the national key new product certificate. In January 2004, the company was awarded ISO 9001: 2000 quality assurance system certificates, reputation of Sunhome Group as Spray Cans Manufacturer and Aerosol Cans Supplier has increased in the past decade.

Our Currently Tapped Markets:
Our products are regularly exported to following markets: Europe, America, Japan, Middle East and Southeast Asia. Although there are other aerosol cans manufacturers and spray cans suppliers over there but there is a great demand of Shanghai Sun home Industrial Company over there. Sunhome Company is the leading aluminum cans manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, India, Canada and USA.

1. Aerosol Aluminum Cans
We are working on three imported and fully automatic aerosol can production lines that are one of best production lines available in China. They have an annual capacity of 60 million pieces. We are the top spray cans manufacturers in India, china, South Africa and Australia. We are the top aluminum cans manufacturer having cans of different thicknesses ranging between 22mm to 75mm diameters and height from 50mm to 230mm.

2. Aerosol Tinplate Can:

We are working on two fully automatic aerosol tinplate can production lines. The annual production capacity is over 60 million pieces annually. These cans are used for pesticides, home, health care, air freshener, construction, car care, medical, fire safety, public health care and different products that use aerosol packaging.

3. Aerosol Valve:
The company is working on two fully automatic valve production lines which were imported from LINDA (Germany). They have an annual capacity of 120 million pieces.
Valves are the essential part of aerosol containers. These valves are used in aerosol products. They are designed in special way to obtain mist of liquid. They are very useful in oil prays, paints and vanishes. They are available in many varieties depending upon the requirement. These valves are also manufactured on order according to the customer’s requirements. Our aerosol valves are widely used throughout the world.

Aerosol Spray Cans:
Spray cans of Aerosols are widely used in chemical industries. Automobiles paint industries utilizes Spray cans for painting cars by spraying. They are also very useful for deodorants applications. Fumigation agencies also utilize spray cans due to ease of use. These cans are also easily recyclable.

For Chinese Customers:

Sunhome shànghǎi shíyè gōngsī shì shìjiè lǐngxiān de qì wù guàn zhìzào gōngsī. Suīrán wǒmen xiànzài yǐjīng chéngwéi yīgè quánqiú xìng de pǐnpái, dàn wǒmen de yuán chǎndì shì zhōngguó. Wǒmen zài chǔlǐ de jīnshǔ bāozhuāng róngqì, bāokuò lǚ guàn hé mǎkǒutiě guàn. Wǒmen de chǎnpǐn dōu fēicháng huánbǎo. Wǒmen de chǎnpǐn kěyǐ fǎnfù huíshōu lìyòng. Wǒmen de qì wù guàn dōu chōngmǎnle tèshū de huàxué wùzhí de huánjìng zhōng bǎocún. Wǒmen xiāngxìn, zài zhìliàng bù zhìliàng. Yīncǐ, wǒmen jǐn zuìdà nǔlì mǎnzú kèhù xūqiú.